Klar, Fisher, Chinsky, Nadler eds. 1992 Self change: Social psychological and clinical ...

Self change: Social psychological and clinical perspectives

Edited by

Yachiel Klar,
Jeffrey D. Fisher
Jack M. Chinsky
Arie Nadler



Initiating changes: Perceptions and intentions

Perceptions of self-initiated change
Perceptions of changes in the self: The impact of life events and large group awareness training
Opting to change: Students' informal self-change endeavors

Changing: Process approaches to initiation and maintenance of changes

In search of the structure of change
Lineal and recursive perspectives on change: Describing the development and amelioration of agoraphobia
Determinants of relapse in addictive behaviors: A social learning approach to facilitating maintenance
Who Succeeds in losing weight

Negotiating changes: The social groundings of personal change

The social constitution of the persistence of personal change: An ecological interpretation
Psychotherapy as a conversation for change
Volitional personal change in an interpersonal perspective
Social comparison and self change
Structural equation modeling of self-initiated change

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